“By focusing on one particular student’s path, this book provides a fascinating perspective on the struggles and rewards of gaining an Ivy League education.  Patrick’s story shows us the importance of maintaining a positive outlook and a balance between work and play.  Patrick’s passion and his commitment to learning, which helped him achieve at Yale, augur well for his future success.”

-- Richard C. Levin, President, Yale University


This is a book I wrote about my experiences growing up in a bicultural household, and how that shaped my notions of what it means to "work hard, play hard."

I did a lot of growing up (and thinking!) during my time at Yale as well, something for which I am entirely grateful to my fellow classmates, mentors and professors (and which is an aspect of my life that this book also focuses on).

It has been published in Korean and Chinese, and is currently on sale in South Korea and Taiwan. You can find it here, herehere or here!


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